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Our HVAC Service Includes Proper Unit Installation

Want proper ventilation for all the rooms in your house? Do you need AC units to be installed in the bedrooms so that you can sleep better at night? Thinking about getting a heating system installed in the house so that you can be comfortable during winter? Whatever HVAC unit your want, book an HVAC service from professionals such as Lohnes Heat & Air. We can install HVAC units to the homes of our clients in Sherwood, AR.

Why Leave the Installation Task to Pros?

Installing any HVAC unit in your house can be quite tricky. You will need the expertise for it because of the complicated components that these units are made up of. You also need a complete set of equipment as well so that you can properly install each individual unit. But most importantly, you need enough experience so that you won’t make any costly mistakes. If you lack these, might as well just hire a heating installation expert like us. Take advantage of our HVAC service that we are offering!

We Can Install HVAC Units!

Our HVAC installation service will consist of following procedures to ensure the proper installation of each HVAC unit that you want for your home. We can install new heating units, ventilation, and even air conditioning units in the different rooms of your home. If you want a central HVAC system, we can install one for you as well. It all depends on what you prefer and your budget for the units as well. We’ll have these HVAC units installed in your home before you know it. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us right away!

Lohnes Heat & Air is a heating installation expert who can properly install any HVAC unit that you want for your home. Do you want new HVAC units to be installed in your house in Sherwood, AR? Give us a call at (501) 551-2004 right away!

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