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AC, Ventilation, and Heating Repair Available to You

Is the heating unit not warming up the rooms properly? Is the AC not turning on? Is the ventilation unit not circulating the air enough to the different rooms in your house? If there is something wrong with any of the HVAC units that you have at home, consider hiring a heating repair expert such as Lohnes Heat & Air. We can repair broken HVAC units in the homes of our clients in Sherwood, AR.

Why Leave the Repairs to Pros?

Repairing any kind of HVAC unit will require more than just DIY instructions that you found online. It will need more than just the general tools that you have in your small toolbox. It’s much more than that. It’s also about finding the underlying cause of the problem so that it won’t persist even after the repairs. It’s even about fixing complicated damage using specific tools that you probably don’t even have. This is why you should just hire a heating repair expert like us to fix the damage for you so that it will be done properly.

We Repair Broken HVAC Units!

Our HVAC repair services will include quick and proper repairs for any damaged HVAC unit or the main HVAC system that you have installed in your house. We can repair damaged heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units by using the tried and tested techniques that we have developed and enhanced over the years to yield exceptional results. We’ll check each component, find the underlying cause of the problem, and make the needed repairs so that these units will work again. Choose our repair services and your HVAC units will be functional again.

Lohnes Heat & Air can provide repairs for homeowners who are in need of heating repair or other kinds of repair for their HVAC units. Do you need help in repairing the HVAC units installed in your house in Sherwood, AR? Feel free to contact us at (501) 551-2004 right away!

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